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It's Time to Declare our Independence from Two Party Dysfunction

Our system is broken.  And both parties have benefited from that brokenness.  If you want that to change, it is time to vote for an Independent.

As your representative I pledge to:

1. Represent the interests of the entire community, not just special or partisan interests.

2. Work to find common ground in the state house, empowering reasonable voices on both sides of the aisle to build lasting solutions.

3. Champion transparency and integrity in office by fighting to clean up campaign finance and end gerrymandering.

      Our System Is Broken.  And the Two Parties Are Not Going to Fix It.

      Colorado politics is marred by the same divisiveness and cynical dysfunction that characterizes politics in Washington.  Both parties have fostered a system that rewards bad governance.  Undemocratic influences like well-financed special interests and gerrymandered districts have rewarded the extremists and the obstructionists in both parties to the extent that neither party is interested or even capable of restoring responsibility and common sense to government.  If you want government to work again, and if you want innovative leaders who are committed to finding common ground and representing every person in our community, it is time to elect an Independent to office.  

      Why An Independent

      Our system is broken and we need someone who isn't benefiting from the brokenness to fix it.

      About Jay Geyer

      My wife and I and our two daughters are proud to call Colorado our home. Whether it’s watching baseball with friends over some local beer, or playing with our kids in the parks and open spaces, there’s nowhere we’d rather live than right here.

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      Become a volunteer

      Help us get the world out. Sign up to knock doors, make phone calls, or write a letter.

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