Citizens to Elect Jay Geyer

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It's Time to Put People Before Party

If you want a representative in the state house who will thoughtfully and earnestly represent the interests of the people of Broomfield, Superior and western Erie, not party bosses or special interests, you cannot vote for yet another Republican or yet another Democrat.

In Denver, just like in Washington, political power is controlled by two parties.

People across our state and across the country are fed up with two party system. Poll after poll shows that voters who have had it with the two parties and would be excited to vote for an Independent candidate. The time is ripe for an Independent movement that restores people’s trust in government by working for the people, dismantling the broken system that rewards divisive tactics and special interests.

Why An Independent

Our government is no longer working for the people, and the people have taken notice.

About Jay Geyer

My wife and I and our two daughters are proud to call Colorado our home. Whether it’s watching baseball with friends over some local beer, or playing with our kids in the parks and open spaces, there’s nowhere we’d rather live than right here.
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