'I am proud to support Jay Geyer to represent House District 33. I speak from experience as a former Democrat turned Independent when I say that only an Independent like Jay can truly represent their district, free from the coercive influence of the two parties. I am confident that as a university instructor, a veteran, and a father, Jay has the insights and the commitment to service to advance the interests of his community and get our state working for the people again.'

Kathleen Curry, Former CO State Rep. and Anti-Gerrymandering Reformer


'My husband and I have known Jay and his wife for years now - our daughters are good friends at school!  Jay is a thoughtful leader who is invested in seeing our community succeed.  I know that when Jay goes to represent us in Denver, he'll have the long-term interests of our community at heart, because this is where his two little girls are going to grow up!'

Lucinda Flores, Operations Manager


'I've known Jay for many years.  We play softball together, go to the same church, and our kids are good friends.  I support Jay for the state house because I know that he's an independent thinker and a collaborative problem solver, and will fight to advance our community's interests.'

Todd Gibson, Energy Efficiency Engineer and Analyst


'My husband and I are very excited that Jay is running for state representative.  We've known Jay for many years and have appreciated his sensible and balanced judgment. We are fully confident that he will do an excellent job representing our community.  Jay is a thoughtful, conscientious leader.  He's not afraid to challenge assumptions to find new solutions. He is a man of integrity and will remain independent, putting the interests of the community first. 

Elleen Hsu, Health Scientist

'I've had the pleasure of working with Jay Geyer as an educator and lecturer.  His ethical nature and common sense approach to problem solving and collaborating will undoubtedly bridge the partisan divides commonplace in our state government.  As a teacher, I know he'll work tirelessly supporting our students and teachers.'

Matthew Armbrustmacher, Broomfield High School Teacher and Soccer Coach

'My wife and I have the pleasure of knowing Jay for the past 8 years. He is a man of honor and integrity. He is committed to bringing people together to find common sense solutions and ending the dysfunction in Denver. We know he will represent our town and the district well. It's time we unite and elect leaders like Jay who will represent people over politics. Jay's in this to make a real difference and we're confident that he will!'

Vijay Prince, Software Consultant